• Alumina spacers

    Alumina Spacers

  • Alumina Disc with holes

    Alumina Disc with holes

  • Crucibles with Holes

    Crucibles with Holes

  • Alumina Pin

    Alumina Pin

  • Hitech Ceramics

    HITECH CERAMICS an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Involving in Manufacturing of Oxide and Non-Oxide Advanced Ceramic materials like Alumina, Zirconia, Barium Zirconate, Silicon Carbide, Boron Nitride and Mullite. These versatile ceramic materials are used for high temperature, high wear and high resistance to chemical reaction. These materials are made in different shape like, Crucibles, Boats, Rods and Tubes are widely used.
    HITECH CERAMICS manufacturing facility is set up in Tamilnadu, India with latest machineries, equipment and technology. Our products are made with purest nano raw materials and sintered at very high temperature 1600 deg to 1700 deg C. Hitech products are targeted our Indian requirement with international standards. Round the clock real R & D is working for continuous development in the process technology to support the manufacturing industry for quality and quantity.
    HITECH CERAMICS is headed by business women Mrs.P.Maragatham M.Sc, MBA.,has the vision of manufacturing Hitech ceramic artifacts to cater the need of Indian R & D sector and allied industries. The most of them are in Crucible, boats and Tubes shapes. Special shapes and products will be made as per the requirement.


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