LENGTH (mm) 40.0
WIDTH (mm) 25.0
HEIGHT (mm) 20.0
VOLUME (cc) 10.0


Zirconia Boats with length 40.0 mm and width 25.0 mm Height 20.0 mm and Volume 10.0 cc


Product Code Type Price (INR) Quantity
HZ BOT 10 PRICE 1155.0

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Zirconia Boats with length from 40 to 100 and width 20 to 25 mm and storage volume of 10 cc to 20 cc.Apart from these standard 2 sizes of Zirconia Boats any non standard sizes can be made and delivered. For any such non standard size of Zirconia Boats please do contact us by email at or by phone to the below numbers 94980 95554 / 94455 38904

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